With ENGIE solutions, the Marseille shopping mall “Les Terrasses du Port” switches to marine geothermal energy


Teams at ENGIE Solutions have just started a project that will connect the emblematic Marseille shopping mall “Les Terrasses du Port” to the Thassalia marine geothermal energy network. This solution will supply the building complex with hot water and chilled water to provide heating and air conditioning with a 70% rate of renewable energy thanks to using calorific energy contained in the Mediterranean Sea. Connection work should be completed in Q1 2021.


The choice of marine geothermal energy for greener energy and resources

On 7 April 2020, ENGIE Solutions and the Hammerson group signed a contract to connect the “Terrasses du Port” shopping mall to the Thassalia marine geothermal energy network for a 10-year period. The shopping mall, a 63,000 m2 building containing 190 shops, welcomes 10 million visitors each year. 

Inaugurated in 2016 and developed by ENGIE Solutions, Thassalia is the first power station in France and in Europe to use the temperature difference between warm surface water and the cold water of the seabed, pumped via pipes, to produce heat or cold, as required. 

Thassalia is an exemplary network meeting the energy and environmental requirements of businesses and public authorities within the framework of the Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth (LTECV). This innovative system helps to accelerate the fight against climate change.
The entire project is supported by the ADEME's Fonds Chaleur to the amount of €3.3 million; the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is also supporting the project. 


A solution to accompany the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy 

The environmental solution proposed by the Thassalia urban network replaces traditional and autonomous heating and air conditioning production equipment. This connection will erase a large amount of fossil fuel consumption and take pressure off the shopping mall’s electricity supply network.

This is a decisive step forward to improve the energy efficiency of the building as it will provide a 70% reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions. 

Wilfrid Petrie

This connection allows the marine geothermal energy network to continue its development by providing a renewable and local energy solution to its public and private customers in a growing urban territory.

Wilfrid Petrie , Deputy Managing Director of ENGIE in charge of ENGIE Solutions, en charge d’ENGIE Solutions

A new step at the service of an environmental ambition

With this new step, Hammerson continues the deployment of its CSR strategy in its retail parks, called Net Positive, the objective of which is to obtain a positive impact of all of its activities in Europe by 2030. 

Certified “BREAM In Use Excellent” in 2018 and 2019, Les Terrasses du Port retail park has already achieved:

  • recycling of over 70% of waste produced on the site;
  • electricity self-consumption in the offices and in nearly 20% of the centre's common areas through the implementation, in 2019, of 5,000 m2 of photovoltaic panels on the roof, i.e. the largest photovoltaic installation in an urban environment on the roof of a retail park in France; 
  • creation of an ecological roof garden reproducing the ecosystem of the Frioul archipelago.
Jean Philippe Mouton

With the start of work on the Thassalia project, Hammerson confirms and demonstrates its willingness to deploy in its retail parks the most effective installations and innovations in order to meet its environmental and societal commitments, to accompany the energy transition and to promote local businesses.
Certified BREEAM Construction Excellent and then BREEAM IN USE Excellent, Les Terrasses du Port retail park naturally slotted in with this environmental performance trajectory

Jean-Philippe Mouton, , President, Hammerson France.