Icomera Delivers Onboard Entertainment System for Transwa’s Fleet of Coaches in Australia

Icomera has recently completed the roll-out of an onboard entertainment system for Transwa’s luxury coach fleet, further increasing comfort levels for passengers travelling with Western Australia's regional public transport provider. ENGIE Solutions, through its subsidiary Icomera, is the world's leading provider of wireless Internet connectivity for public transport; Transwa’s onboard entertainment system will help facilitate the choice to travel by coach in the region, a move fully in line with ENGIE Solutions' objective to reinvent living environments for a more virtuous and sustainable world.

Installed on Transwa’s 23 Volvo B11R Irizar i6 coaches, the “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) solution will enable passengers to access a wide range of media content, from Hollywood movies and TV shows, to magazines, audiobooks and games, directly from their personal phones, tablets and laptops. The onboard entertainment content is hosted locally on board the vehicle by Icomera’s powerful X3 multi-modem mobile access & applications router; the media content on offer will be regularly refreshed over-the-air and fleet-wide using the mobile Internet connection supplied by Icomera’s platform.

“As a regional public transport provider in a state as vast as Western Australia, our aim at Transwa is to improve the amenity for passengers on what are often very long trips (on average 300 kilometres). A reliable, good-quality entertainment system - in this case, one which is compatible with the passenger's own device - is a key part of this, and we are happy to partner with Icomera and ENGIE in making this available on our luxury, five-star road coaches.”

Tim Woolerson , General Manager ,  Transwa

A Service also Deployed on Transwa Trains

As part of the upgrade project, Transwa’s high-speed Prospector trains which cover the 653km rural rail route between Kalgoorlie and Perth have also been updated with new entertainment content, offering travellers a greater variety of movies, TV shows and music to enjoy via seat-back screens. Looking ahead, there is the potential for Icomera’s centralised connectivity platform to be installed on Transwa’s Prospector, AvonLink, MerredinLink, and Australind train services; this would allow for the delivery of a BYOD onboard entertainment solution similar to that which has now been deployed on Transwa’s coaches. Additionally, Icomera and ENGIE have been tasked with investigating the feasibility of introducing Passenger Wi-Fi across the Transwa rail network for some point in the future.

“With on-the-ground installation support from ENGIE’s Perth office, and in collaboration with a number of local WA-based businesses, we are pleased to have partnered with Transwa to deliver this solution which will help keep passengers entertained as they travel long distances by coach and train. We look forward to continue growing our relationship with Transwa over time, and strengthening Icomera’s presence in the Australasia region.”

Peter Kingsland , SVP UK, Asia & Australia , Icomera