Green Reinvent

ENGIE Solutions x Reims

Supporting the Grand Reims region in its carbon-neutral transition

The Greater Reims region and the city of Reims want to develop their environmental performance strategy, their goal being to have 90% of the energy used for their urban heating and cooling networks recovered or generated from renewables by 2022. In addition to encouraging the circular economy, this solution is evidence of ENGIE Solutions' commitment to local employment and improving quality-of-life for residents.

Key figures

20 000 tonnes of wood incinerated per annum
-80% lower CO2 emissions by 2022 (compared with 2019)
90% of all energy used will be renewable by 2022
10 MW of energy produced from biomass

Grand Reims: A futuristic project for a carbon-neutral network

To successfully deliver the urban community's energy transition, ENGIE Solutions is applying its expertise in greening the urban heating and cooling network, in particular by removing coal from the energy mix and having wood biomass account for 35% of it. Optimised, decentralised and digitalised, this solution supplies local, safe and competitively-priced heat to the equivalent of 17,000 homes. This partnership with the Greater Reims region shores up ENGIE Solutions' position as a leader in the carbon-neutral transition and in facilitating regional development.

Expertise and offerings

Supply of renewable and recovered energy (biomass)
Installation and management of urban heating networks
Definition of the environmental performance strategy and the energy mix.

Optimising the use of resources : Grand Reims