ENGIE Solutions x Rennes Métropole

Transform a historical convent into a 21st-century conference centre

The Rennes metropolis boasts numerous assets, including an airport, a high-speed train station, a metro system and bicycles. The only thing that was missing was a conference centre to enhance its appeal. Wanting a site that was in keeping with the town, the elected representatives naturally turned their attention to the Couvent des Jacobins. Built in the 14th century, this imposing monument has evolved over the years and has served numerous purposes, including accommodation for monks, a base for the army and a venue for biennial contemporary art exhibitions. It is the ideal setting to help increase the region's influence. Turning it into the town's conference centre had to be done, and doing so was a technical challenge in terms of providing all the services and levels of safety that such a building needs to have for its visitors.

Key figures

4000 m2 of exhibition area
5000 lighting units installed
1500 people in the auditorium
25 salles de commissions
2 auditoriums

Rennes’ most ambitious heritage project in 20 years

ENGIE Solutions supported the architects with this ambitious project. That meant combining the building's historical heritage with decidedly modern components in order to give it a new cultural dimension. For a project such as this one, the quality of the artificial lighting used is crucially important. In total, around a hundred or so different products were used, with around 5000 lighting units being installed, many of which are architectural components. And since accommodating the general public is the building's main purpose, low voltages were essential. Particular attention had to be paid to the fire safety system, the sound systems in the committee rooms and auditoriums and the building’s centralised technical management system. ENGIE Solutions tasked dedicated teams of specialists with each of these systems, with stunning results.

Expertise and offers

Architectural lighting
Fire safety
Centralised technical management
Sound system for the rooms