Angers Loire Métropole "Smart region": a new phase begins!

Angers Loire Métropole - territoire intelligent

The consortium managed by ENGIE Solutions, a brand of the ENGIE Group which is a leader in the zero-carbon transition, alongside SUEZ, La Poste and the VYV Group, has kicked off in the Angers Loire Métropole with the creation an all-new, 3D digital twin, in other words, a geographic digital replica of the region. This high-tech creation is intended for viewing project progress in real time to ensure things are running smoothly and to optimise urban services. Objective: to step up the environmental transition while generating savings for the local authority.

In order to transform the Angers Loire Métropole urban area into a model French smart region for its citizens, the ENGIE consortium managed by ENGIE Solutions is developing, alongside SUEZ, La Poste and the VYV  Group, innovative solutions in close consultation with the local authority, its partners, local companies and citizens.

The objective is to use digital technology and innovation to step up the region's environmental transition and improve its attractiveness, optimise the organisation of public services and make the management of resources more efficient, as well as to ease and improve the daily lives of the region's citizens.

To meet this objective, the ENGIE consortium is using its skills to take into account the needs identified by and with the area's departments and policy-makers, and is putting in place communicating infrastructure in order to improve the management of public services and their relations with users.


A realistic modelling of the Angers Loire Métropole

A genuine 3D replica of this ambitious project, the all-new digital twin of the Angers Loire Métropole will be a great asset for optimising the performance of the smart region project while also supporting every stage of its development.

The images used to create this digital replica of the city will be taken in the coming days, kick starting this project to jointly build a one-of-a-kind smart and carbon-neutral region. It will take 4 to 5 days and a total of twenty hours to produce the images which will then be used to create a highly detailed 3D model of the entire Angers Loire Métropole, which covers 666 km2 spread over 29 municipalities. SIRADEL, a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group  and an expert in 3D modelling, infrastructure planning and in simulating th environmental impact of changes to the region, will be responsible for acquiring the aerial images in the coming days in order to produce this 3D model. 

The 3D digital twin: an innovative decision tool 

The world's latest technologies in aerial image acquisition will be used over the entire Angers Loire Métropole region. The digital twin will serve as a shared baseline that will be particularly useful for:

  • objectively studying different urban development scenarios, by simulating the impact that, for example, new infrastructure might have on energy consumption, pollution and transport;
  • aiding decision-making by elected representatives, paving the way for genuine joint-construction between departments and easing communication, particularly in public consultation meetings.