ENGIE Solutions acquires 1,000 new 100% electric vehicles for its fleet

Peugeot 208

Firmly committed to a carbon-free future, ENGIE Solutions is to acquire 1,000 new 100% electric vehicles for its fleet. With the largest private fleet in France, ENGIE Group is taking another step in its transition to greener mobility through its new brand ENGIE Solutions. In collaboration with PSA Group, the first 500 electric service vehicles - new Peugeot e-208s - will be delivered in 2020. 

ENGIE Solutions, a landmark commitment to zero-carbon mobility 

ENGIE Group has set its sights on becoming the leader in the zero-carbon transition by working with local authorities, industrial companies and the tertiary sector towards a greener future. Mobility represents one-third of energy consumption in France, which means that this sector generates the highest greenhouse gas emissions in the country. Mobility is therefore an essential driving force towards ENGIE’s environmental goals. Since the ENGIE Group has the largest private vehicle fleet in France, it must set an example in the transition towards carbon-free mobility. 

Its subsidiary ENGIE Solutions will therefore strive to reduce its operational carbon footprint. The initial focus will be on employees’ service vehicles, by reducing the use of fossil fuels - petrol and diesel. To meet the expectations of its customers and 50,000 employees, this ambitious target aims to promote a more responsible, sustainable approach to mobility and to encourage the use of alternative fuels: bioGNV (natural gas), hydrogen and electricity. 

ENGIE Solutions previously acquired 50 electric-hydrogen vehicles in 2018, and this is still the largest fleet of utility vehicles powered by electricity and hydrogen in Europe. 

A major step towards a greener fleet with PSA Group 

ENGIE Solutions uses tightly-knit regional networks to deploy its services throughout France. The acquisition of 1,000 electric vehicles marks a transition to green mobility, and will generate significant momentum to tackle the climate emergency.

By immediately replacing higher-pollution vehicles with the first 500 Peugeot e-208 cars developed by PSA Group, ENGIE Solutions will have access to environmentally-friendly mobility that will also ensure good working conditions for the company’s technicians as they travel throughout the country. 

“With this major decision, ENGIE Solutions wants to show that it is possible to tackle the climate emergency and also remain competitive. By choosing to immediately reduce its mobility carbon footprint, and as a leader in the energy sector, we hope that ENGIE Group will be seen as an example for green mobility in France.” explains Wilfrid Petrie, Executive Vice President of ENGIE Group.