ENGIE Solutions and Morbihan Energies develop green hydrogen with Michelin Vannes

Usine hydrogène Michelin à Vannes

Bertrand de Solages, director of Michelin’s site in Vannes, Jo Brohan, CEO of Morbihan Energies and of mixed-equity company 56 Énergies and Julien Chauvet, Hydrogen France director of ENGIE Solutions have today signed the agreements formalising the supply of green hydrogen to the Michelin site and to the public vehicle charging station in Vannes (north-western France). The founding of HYGO, in the presence of the Banque des Territoires, representatives of the Brittany region and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) heralds the operational, legal and economic implementation of this local green hydrogen production, distribution and sales project.



As an energy for the future, green hydrogen has a major role to play in the energy transition. The most abundant chemical element in the universe can not only help to decarbonize industrial processes, it can also be a source of clean fuel for zero-emission vehicles.


Driven by this conviction, Morbihan’s economic and institutional stakeholders are working together to build on their commitment to promote harmonious progress in the region. At the point where industry and mobility come together, this local hydrogen production project aims to respond to the challenges of the zero-carbon transition at the regional level, while mobilising the local ecosystem.

The objective is to produce green hydrogen using electrolysis of renewable electricity:


  • for industrial use by Michelin, which is fully committed to the initiative and uses hydrogen at its site for its heat treatment process;
  • to supply a public green hydrogen distribution station for cars and heavy goods vehicles. The station will be built on the edges of the Michelin plant, in the Prat industrial zone in Vannes.


HygO: hydrogen from the Grand-Ouest area serving a green industry

Morbihan Énergies and ENGIE Solutions founded HYGO to develop this renewable hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure, and to open up new opportunities for the sector in Brittany region.

The project company’s mission is to roll out hydrogen mobility infrastructure and promote its use in the region for the benefit of industry and the public.

This first project is scheduled to be commissioned in late 2020. Investment amounts to €4.6 million.


By setting up this joint company, ENGIE Solutions is demonstrating its intent to support manufacturers and regions as they seek to optimise and decarbonise their energy use. The expansion of industrial and transport uses of green hydrogen is a perfect example of this.  


Winner of the ADEME’s call for projects

The solution won the call for hydrogen mobility ecosystem projects conducted by ADEME, attracting financial support of €780k. ADEME will also offer assistance to future buyers of hydrogen vehicles using this charging station, as part of an overall budget of €992k.

Through this collaborative project, all of the region’s stakeholders aim to offer a solution which is tailored both to users and to the requirements of Michelin’s industrial production, based on 100% clean energy.