Angers Loire Métropole and RD Angers select ENGIE Solutions to upgrade their Navineo CAD/AVL solution on their entire fleet

Angers Loire Métropole and RD Angers, the company overseeing the operation and maintenance of fixed route bus and Light Rail network for Angers Loire Métropole Urban Community, have selected ENGIE Solutions to upgrade their Navineo CAD/AVL. Under this contract, ENGIE Solutions will modernize the entire Irigo urban transit fleet,[1] including 105 buses and 37 Light Rail. This solution will come into operation on tram line A in 2022 for a period of eight years.


Initially installed on Angers bus network in 2004 and 2005, then extended to the tram network in 2011, Navineo CAD/AVL will be deployed on all buses, trams and service vehicles circulating within Angers urban area. This contract renewal includes:

  • a Computer Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL) system that enables operators to remotely manage disruptions and adapt the number of vehicles in circulation to optimise passenger journeys;
  • an on-board passenger information system that provides passengers with reliable, real-time information using automatic voice announcements and visual displays. To help passengers plan their trip throughout their journey, Navineo offers real-time updates on bus and tram traffic;
  • a VoIP radio network [2] offering all radio features such as private calls, group calls, emergency calls and alarms. RD Angers will benefit from rapid, safe and reliable voice communications throughout its network;
  • a system that interfaces with third-party solutions, such as fare collection or rolling stock systems, allowing the operator to obtain vehicle occupancy data, display information on screens and make voice annunciation;
  • an assisted Light Rail control system, which helps the rail operator by indicating which SIG[3] signalling command should be carried out manually.

Navineo, a truly digital tool to improve and optimize performance, is fully aligned with the smart territory project that the metropolitan area of Angers is currently implementing. This solution enhances user experience and passenger comfort by providing reliable, real-time information and tailored services.

These services are also intended to assist RD Angers in the supervision of its entire fleet. Navineo CAD/AVL allows real-time assignments of drivers and vehicles, increasing the flexibility of traffic regulation and operation. As a result, the transport operator can oversee and manage its vehicles with greater precision and efficiency, by quickly anticipating traffic disruptions.

This solution will come into operation on line A of the Angers Loire Métropole Light Rail network in 2022, followed by the new tram lines B and C as well as the whole bus network as of 2023. 

[1] Public transport network for the Angers urban area.

[2] Voice over IP: Technology enabling the transmission of voice communications over IP-compatible networks, using public or private networks and the Internet.

[3] SIG refers to the tramway’s dedicated SIGnalling system.

With the launch of our interconnected tram network - lines A, B and C - in 2023 and the restructuring of the associated bus network, the CAD/AVL needs a major overhaul both to optimize and secure the performance of the urban transit network and to provide reliable passenger information. ENGIE Solutions’ expertise, coupled with its Navineo system, are our guarantee that this project will be successful.

Corinne Bouchoux , Vice-President “Ecological transition and mobility, Angers Loire Métropole

We are delighted to be able to support Angers urban area in its transition towards greener, higher-performance mobility. In keeping with the smart city project already spearheaded by ENGIE Solutions, we are continuing to reinvent living spaces in Angers, to meet environmental needs and enhance comfort for residents. ENGIE Solutions is working tirelessly, in conjunction with its clients, to make public transport more attractive, as this is the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Baudouin Huon , CEO, Ineo Systrans