The property developer Néotoa places further trust in ENGIE Solutions to support its energy transition in Ille-et-Vilaine


Néotoa, the property developer and operator committed to housing for all in Brittany, has placed further trust in ENGIE Solutions with an operating contract for its apartment block heating installations throughout the department of Ille-et-Vilaine. The operational scope entrusted to the teams working for ENGIE Solutions, a long-term partner of Néotoa, has been extended for another 8 years through the management of 1,331 additional homes. This energy transition service contract with a company that has long been a driving force for housing in Ille et Vilaine began on 1st October this year.


A wider scope that includes innovative and sustainable heating systems

The new operating contract includes the heating installations of 27 new buildings, i.e. 1,331 additional homes, recently integrated into Néotoa’s assets on top of the homes already included in the initial scope of the ENGIE Solutions’ teams.

The latter will be in charge of providing energy, maintenance work, and management for the heating systems of a total of 5,716 homes in Ille-et-Vilaine. ENGIE Solutions will also proceed with the connection of 4 new buildings to En’RnoV district heating and one other to Enersud district heating, giving residents access to safe, virtuous and cost-controlled energy.

Some of Néotoa’s buildings, which are equipped with low-carbon heating, require specific expertise. Passive buildings, such as the Jardin des Frênes block of flats in Mordelles, consume an extremely low amount of energy thanks to high-performance insulation systems that eliminate the need for interior heating. When solar panels provide the domestic hot water, these structures have a neutral carbon footprint. Néotoa has also installed ecological energy supply systems in its structures, such as solar power and wood pellets.

Néotoa’s facilities are part of an approach that is good for the environment. Taking their specific environmental characteristics into consideration with regard to their operation and maintenance is at the heart of ENGIE Solutions’ mission to lead the successful transition towards carbon-neutral territories.


Turnkey expertise at the service of buildings’ energy performance

The multi-skilled teams and the quality of the operation of Rennes installations have allowed ENGIE Solutions to make a difference. In fact, ENGIE Solutions’ teams benefit from a 360° view of issues linked to district heating systems, at both primary and secondary levels. This dual expertise will make it possible to, on the one hand, maximise the extension of the systems across the Rennes territory and, on the other hand, offer turnkey solutions to support its property developer/operator customers with the energy transition of their assets.

ENGIE Solutions’ teams will also operate Néotoa’s housing in the Dinan Agglomeration of the Côtes d’Armor department, and will carry out part of the renovation work planned for the heating systems, to continue improving the installations’ energy performance and to maximise tenants’ comfort.


Key data

  • 5,716 homes in Ille-et-Vilaine: Baratière in Vitré (326), Cleunay in Rennes (387), Grande Touche in Rennes (226 and Néotoa’s head office)
  • 8-year contract
  • 87 collective installations including 22 urban district heating substations
  • Total turnover of €8.5 M