Fibre optic deployment in Lot-et-Garonne: a commercial opportunity for local companies

When three major programmes were initiated by Orange and Lot-et-Garonne Numérique to deploy fibre optics in the department, ENGIE Solutions launched, with the CCI47, an innovative action to offer commercial opportunities to businesses in the territory.

ENGIE Solutions therefore proposed 3 contracts to local businesses, amounting to 100 million euros over 4 years.

A major challenge, the deployment of fibre optic networks in rural territories continues despite the lockdown periods. The aim is to mobilise new players to meet urgent requirements for access to digital services while supporting economic activity. As a bonus, this will involve more than 100 million euros of work over a 4-year period. These projects are synonymous with work for Lot-et-Garonne companies.

The CCI47 speeded things up by informing companies in the territory of this commercial opportunity and putting them in touch with the ENGIE Solutions teams. To date, about ten companies are already in position. For some, this is an opportunity for diversification during an economically dull period.


Three contracts and development prospects

The deployment of very high-speed fibre optic broadband is a flagship challenge, and ENGIE Solutions and its teams – experts in the deployment of telecommunication infrastructures and the digital development of territories – have partnered with Orange and local collectivities to make high-performance digital services available to residents.

Currently, the requirements for the deployment of fibre optic broadband are considerable. ENGIE Solutions is therefore calling for companies based in Lot-et-Garonne to create, with training to support it, a network of specialised companies in the department to assist with the expansion of fibre optic broadband, and give all residents access to very high-speed connections. The goal is to create a long-lasting partnership while increasing the level of local employment.

Three large-scale contracts with development prospects

  • The ‘Customer Intervention and Network Works 2015-2022 Contract’: a contract offered by Orange and for which ENGIE Solutions is the authorised representative, to carry out 250 copper and fibre optic user connections a day, and to deploy the Fibre To The Home network in AMII (Call for Expression of Intention to Invest)1 zones, as is the case for Agen city centre and for Marmande and Villeneuve-sur-Lot.
  • The contract for the design and implementation of a FTTH (Fibre to the Home) network for Lot-et-Garonne Numérique, in the framework of an ENGIE Solutions (authorised representative) - SPIE - SAFEGE consortium, representing the deployment of 40,000 connection points.
  • The contract for the deployment of fibre optic broadband in AMEL (Call for Expression of Local Commitments) zones, for which Orange is the authorised representative, and has entrusted ENGIE Solutions with the deployment of fibre, representing the deployment of 50,000 connection points.

Sound training and tailored support for participating companies

In order to support companies wishing to diversify their business, the ENGIE Solutions teams will provide training for both technical aspects (overhead or underground cable pulling, etc.) and safety aspects. To this end, the Lycée de Foulayronnes, the Lycée de Valence d’Agen and ENGIE Solutions’ experts will provide the right conditions to offer sound training to all interested companies. The goal is to share the opportunity made possible by the expansion of fibre and create a long-lasting partnership between ENGIE Solutions and other companies in the territory.

“We want to offer Lot-et-Garonne companies the chance of work that will go on for the next four years. This operation is an opportunity that will help local companies to diversify their business during this difficult period and will also support local employment,” says Albert Perez, Director of National & Southern Activities, ENGIE Solutions.


Deploying fibre: a strategic necessity in France

At the beginning of 2020, almost half of French people still did not have access to a high-performance connection.

However, the deployment of fibre optic broadband has rapidly increased in France with, at the end of September, 13.6 million subscriptions to very high-speed connections, i.e. 45% of all internet access in France (up by 9 points in one year) and a total of 27.2 million premises eligible for very high-speed services, all technologies combined, of which 20.4 million are outside very dense areas2.

Being able to offer high-performance connectivity has become a factor that is essential to the attractiveness and economic dynamism of territories. In the Lot-et-Garonne, Orange and Lot-et-Garonne Numérique are investing and making a commitment to deploy fibre optic broadband to 217,000 homes or business premises in the department through 3 programmes; that is, in AMII zones (Agen city centre + Marmande + Villeneuve-sur-Lot), a programme deployed by Orange out of its own funds, in  AMEL zones, with deployment by Orange in partnership with the Departmental Council of Lot-et-Garonne and in the RIP NATHD47 zone, with deployment by the Departmental Council of Lot-et-Garonne.