ENGIE Solutions supports the Pas-de-Calais departmental council in their zero-carbon transition

ENGIE Solutions

The Pas-de-Calais departmental council has selected ENGIE Solutions for the energy-related renovation works in 8 public service buildings (6 local council centres promoting solidarity in the community and 2 centres for local planning and development). The renovation project addresses a two-fold issue: accelerating the area’s ecological transition by optimising resource and green energy use and improving the daily life of 400 council employees and service users.  The project will make it possible to reduce energy consumption in the 8 buildings by 32% and greenhouse gas emissions by 35%.



ENGIE Solutions experts have developed an innovative offer in close consultation with the Departmental Council,  local companies and users. Renovation works include the implementation of more efficient equipment in order to reduce heating requirements, optimise production output and produce ecologically-viable energy.

Launched in January 2020, the works also incorporate improvements to the building envelope (insulation and joinery), and aim to improve production output with the installation of condensing boilers and dual-flow ventilation and by replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs. In addition, 76 solar panels will be installed on the roofs to promote self-sufficiency. The 8 buildings will benefit from a centralised technical management system thanks to a communicating smartBox (automatic programming, equipment control and data readings).

The energy-related works of these 8 departmental council-owned buildings, which are located in the communes of Bapaume, Bruay-la- Buissière, Bully-les-Mines, Calais, Marconne, Saint-Omer, Lumbres and Marconnelle, will be staggered over an 18-month period until June 2021, and ENGIE Solutions teams will continue to oversee the buildings until 2035.




 The buildings of tomorrow will not only play a role in the battle against global warming, but will also create the conditions for a new quality of daily life.

ENGIE Solutions teams wanted to put users at the centre of the renovation project in order to ensure that they play a key role in the renovation of their building and comfort and this was achieved with:

- an ambitious awareness and training programme carried out in partnership with a doctor in social and environmental psychology,

- a web application dedicated to users (incident reporting, raising awareness of building performance, energy consumption and eco-friendly practices), 

- implementation of solar films and sun shields on windows for improved comfort in summer.


  • 8 public buildings
  • 12,000 m² to redevelop
  • 400 departmental council employees are daily users
  • 38 solar panels on the roof
  • 32% reduction in energy consumption
  • 35% reduction in greenhouse gases


About ENGIE Solutions

ENGIE Solutions supports towns, cities and tertiary industries and businesses by providing them with solutions to the challenges of energy transition thanks to their bespoke, turnkey offers.

ENGIE Solutions experts deploy all of their skill and expertise in achieving three objectives: optimising energy and resource use, making energy greener and reinventing our living and working environments.

ENGIE Solutions is the guarantee of a single point-of-contact and a range of complementary offers that extend far beyond energy alone. Committed to achieving results, our 50,000 employees working at 900 installations across France, are able to deploy their skills over very diverse fields, ranging from infrastructure and service design and deployment to finance, installation and maintenance. ENGIE Solutions is part of the ENGIE group, a global reference for low carbon energy and services, whose ambition is to become the leader in the zero-carbon transition.

Turnover: 10 billion euros

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