ENGIE Solutions launches the comprehensive “BIM Life®” service to support the digital transformation of buildings

bâtiment bim - smart building

ENGIE Solutions has just launched its BIM Life® initiative. A fully fledged tool for driving the digital transformation of buildings currently under way, this solution can generate syntheses of three types of data: statistical, dynamic and human. Throughout a building's life cycle, ENGIE Solutions’ BIM Life® service breathes life into smarter and more ambitious projects that generate more value for everyone, while at the same time managing and optimising all business processes.


BIM Life® – where the know-how and expertise of ENGIE Solutions’ teams converge

ENGIE Solutions has developed its own vision of Building Information Modelling as a concrete answer to financial, economic and environmental performance requirements. BIM Life® guarantees the long-term value of urban, real estate and industrial assets. To do this, it draws on a BIM database for scheduling, designing, building and operating both buildings and their systems. BIM Life® provides comprehensive and innovative support : data can be created, shared and made use of in a straightforward and fluid way on a digital model. ENGIE Solutions' BIM Life® is the result of the combined business expertise of BIM and the ENGIE Group and is a way to increase the long-term usage and asset value of buildings and infrastructure in the tertiary, housing and industrial sectors. BIM Life® provides support for the whole or just part of the life cycle of infrastructure. The innovative system also provides tools, methods, usage expertise and human resource services to enhance performance.

BIM Life® is the point at which the know-how and expertise of ENGIE Solutions’ teams converge : everything from scheduling the construction of a new building to operating and maintaining it, and then decommissioning it. ENGIE Solutions is a forerunner in developing high-performance and innovative solutions that it implements alongside its clients to embrace the zero-carbon challenge, while ensuring that they remain competitive. It predicts and actively prepares for the future so as to tackle increasingly important climate and societal issues in a rapidly-evolving world.

Improving performance

The BIM Life® solution is continuously being expanded to include new expertise, strengthening the cutting-edge services that BIM can provide, covering everything from scheduling to usage for both new and existing buildings. ENGIE Solutions’ BIM Life® initiative is designed to improve performance (energy efficiency, usage, data, etc.) and the comfort of building occupants, by predicting a given building's scalability within the framework of its ecosystem. BIM Life® optimises the use of energy by combining performance, the zero-carbon transition, responsible progress and the overhaul of living and working environments.

Example of an BIM tool developed by ENGIE Solutions: BIMprice.com, a simple and easy-to-use online ordering website 

The BIM Factory has created a simulator in tandem with an online ordering website : BIMprice.com. This innovative BIM costing application is the only one of its kind on the market. BIMprice.com gives a real-time estimate of production times for BIM models, plans, 3D renderings or 3D scans of buildings, industrial sites or infrastructure, and can also provide an instant costing for this modelling. Indeed, this algorithm which is constantly being expanded and upgraded is easy-to-use – you simply enter the parameters of the infrastructure to get a price estimate and then a ready-to-sign quote. The solution therefore removes a number of the major obstacles to getting BIM models produced, saving considerable amounts of time for our clients. Since this website was launched, more than 3 million m² have been digitalised and more than 300 BIM models have been delivered.


Key figures:

  • 280 BIM projects won in 2019
  • 7 million m² BIM-modelled in 2019
  • 41T CO2 carbon savings possible with ValoBIM for 2000 m²
  • A team of 150