Driving energy greening - the construction of the biomass boiler plant for the Compiègne heating network has begun

The town of Compiègne and ENGIE Solutions have embarked on a close partnership to construct a biomass boiler plant that will fuel the local heating network with 65% renewable energy generated from resources in the immediate locality. Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for early 2022.


In 2019, Compiègne demonstrated its firm commitment to the energy transition by entrusting the greening and operation of its heating network to ENGIE Solutions, a major player in heating and cooling networks in France.


Greening up the Compiègne heating network

Currently supplying 66 substations in the town, Compiègne’s 16 kilometre-long heating network provides heating and domestic hot water to 9,000 housing equivalents* including 6,000 homes. Among the districts served by this historic network are Les Capucins, Le Clos des Roses, Les Maréchaux, Les Sablons, Les Jardins, Pompidou and the town centre.

Once this 14 MW boiler plant is completed, the network’s mainly renewable energy mix will mean that subscribers benefit from a heating price that is stable and less sensitive to fluctuations in the price of fossil fuels, as well as a lower rate of VAT. Choosing this type of energy will help to avoid 12,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year, equivalent to those of 7,000 vehicles. This project is receiving funding from ADEME as part of the Fonds Chaleur.


A local and renewable resource

Biomass - the main energy in the future energy mix of the network - is a strategic driver of decarbonisation in the Compiègne region. The production, transformation and utilisation of renewable energy is accomplished in a short circuit. 80% of the wood originates from less than 100 km away, providing a direct local supply.

This wood is reclaimed from forest maintenance operations and from pallets (boxes, crates).

All the news about the operation to construct the biomass boiler plant can be found on the Compiègne website, in the Rezomee section set up by ENGIE Solutions: https://www.rezomee.fr/compiegne/


The Compiègne network - key figures:

  • 66 substations
  • 16 km of network
  • 65% renewable or reclaimed energy from the biomass boiler plant
  • 9,000 housing equivalents connected
  • 12,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided every year
  • 65 GWh of energy produced annually
  • 80% of the wood energy used originates from less than 100 km away
  • €11 million in total invested in the new boiler plant


* A “housing equivalent” is a unit of measurement representing the consumption of an average housing unit of about 70 m2 occupied by a family of four. It is used as a common reference to express quantities of heat delivered, irrespective of the properties of the buildings being heated (housing units, offices, hospitals, gyms, etc.).