CNN MCO, specialist in maintaining ships in operational condition, is joining the ENGIE Solutions brand

CP CNN MCO - header

Three years after it was acquired by ENGIE, CNN MCO has reached another milestone along the path towards its full integration into the Group : it is now officially part of the ENGIE Solutions brand and name. Specialising in maintaining, managing and servicing ships, the company, headquartered in Brest (western France), supplements the range of services provided by ENGIE Solutions' Defence and National Security market.

CNN MCO, expert in preventive and corrective maintenance

Founded in 2005, CNN MCO has continued to expand its expertise in managing, servicing and maintaining all types of boat in operational condition. With comprehensive expertise in preventive and corrective maintenance, the company's experience is drawn on by the French Navy's maintenance contracts, which are open to competition, as well as a wide range of other clients : overseas navies, shipowners, ocean-going yachts and naval construction and repair sites.

Keen to work as closely as possible to vessels' home ports, CNN MCO has also – while expanding the geographical coverage of its client base – set up a number of satellite facilities. It now has operations in Brest (western France), Toulon (southern France) and Zeebrugge (Belgium), while continuing to expand its foothold in France’s overseas territories (Reunion Island, Guyana and Martinique). CNN MCO will shortly open new satellite branches in New Caledonia and Polynesia thanks to the contract in won at the start of the year to maintain six Overseas Patrol Ships alongside its co-contractor SOCARENAM (shipbuilding company).

A successful integration into the ENGIE Group

In September 2017, the ENGIE Group acquired CNN MCO, thus expanding the range of services and solutions it provides for B2B stakeholders.

In addition to giving it a significant lead in terms of expertise and capabilities at international level, incorporating a specialist company such as CNN MCO has enabled the ENGIE Group to become a major leading player in the field of maintaining ships in operational condition.

As far as CNN MCO’s CEO Frédéric Laurent is concerned, the company has been able to prove just how sturdy its model is during the Covid-19 pandemic: “We are committed to providing our clients with service of the same level of quality, despite the current COVID pandemic, and we have been able to take the measures necessary to keep our business going throughout the lockdown, protecting our teams and our partners. CNN MCO's flexible and agile model, together with the ENGIE Group's defence expertise, has shown how robust it is during this crisis, and the company has demonstrated its ability to honour its commitments, ensuring that the vessels for which it is responsible remain operationally available".