Geothermal energy: the drilling operation to supply the future Pleyel district with renewable energy has been successfully completed !

Pleyel_plan d'ensemble ©Dominique Perrault Architecture

Plaine Commune Energie, an ENGIE Solutions subsidiary, has just announced that it has successfully completed the drilling of the 11 wells that will supply the future geothermal power plant in the Pleyel district. The drilling operations, which began in January 2021 and are essential for eventually delivering local, renewable heat to infrastructure across the district, were completed this summer.


After six months of drilling, the very low energy geothermal system in the Pleyel district is now ready to be deployed, thanks to the tried and tested expertise of the ENGIE Solutions teams.

By digging wells at depths of 50 to 70 metres in 11 different locations around the future power station, the aim of this large-scale operation is to ensure that energy is available on a long-term basis. This will guarantee the supply of heating and cooling for the entire Pleyel district via the SMIREC heating network.

In concrete terms, a geothermal plant captures or dissipates the heat below the Earth's surface, where the water temperature is 14°C, and then turns it into energy. The underground water will first be transferred to heat pumps and then conveyed to the urban network so as to supply heating, domestic hot water and cooling to the buildings in the Pleyel district. To complete the geothermal cycle, the water will be reinjected into its original groundwater table, where it will return to its initial temperature.


One more step towards energy efficiency for the future Pleyel district

The completion of the 11 boreholes including three producer wells and eight re-injector wells marks the beginning of the construction of the geothermal power plant and the geothermal network from 2022.

Once the plant is completed and connected to the SMIREC heating network, the Athletes' Village and the whole Pleyel district will get energy that is 68% local and renewable.

Total investment to build the facilities required to leverage the geothermal power is 18.6 million euros, 5.8 million euros of which will be provided by the Île-de-France region, the Île-de-France ADEME and the SOLIDEO.

Eventually, the Pleyel geothermal plant will be connected to the SMIREC heating network managed by Plaine Commune Energie, the most extensive heating network in the Seine-Saint-Denis département and the second most extensive in the Île-de-France region.


The project: some key figures 

  • 11 boreholes, 3 producer wells and 8 injector wells
  • 75 substations
  • 68% renewable energy
  • 24.4 MW of heating and 14.2 MW of cooling subscribed capacity
  • 10 km of network
  • €18.6 million investment
  • 609,000m2 of buildings connected ultimately