Deployment 84 electric vehicle superchargers at SANEF

Deployment 84 electric vehicle superchargers at SANEF

Committed to supporting the transition to low-carbon mobility solutions, the motorway operator SANEF has entrusted ENGIE - through its ENGIE Solutions subsidiary - with financing, designing, installing and operating 84 electric vehicle superchargers, the equivalent of 186 charging stations. As a result, the 18 motorway service stations located in Northern and Eastern France and Normandy will be equipped with electric vehicle superchargers by 1 January 2023.


Speeding up the development of mature alternative mobility solutions

According to l’AVERE France*, the number of charging stations available to the public needs to be increased to 8 times the current level between 2020 and 2030, in line with the forecast number of vehicles in circulation. As of 28 February 2022, France had over 55,500 public charging stations, up 53% on the previous year.

Perfectly in tune with the momentum and goals of the entire national ecosystem and the government’s France Relance recovery plan, the SANEF group is pulling out all the stops to meet the exponential growth in demand for low-carbon mobility solutions. The SANEF group has decided to draw on the expertise of ENGIE Solutions to provide the electric vehicle superchargers aimed at supporting decarbonised mobility.


Meeting demand and consolidating the national network


Given the very high forecast sales of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles both in France and at supranational level, ENGIE Solutions has built up expertise in the installation of solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure, aimed at consolidating the network of charging terminals across the country.

At the motorway service stations operated by the SANEF group, ENGIE Solutions will finance and operate 186 charging stations capable of delivering up to 300kW of power (each terminal contains 2 or 3 charging stations) by the end of 2022, under the terms of a 15-year contract.

The 84 superchargers located at key motorway service stations will be able to fully charge most vehicles in just 20 minutes, perfect for a quick coffee break. The contract also includes the option of increasing the number of charging stations based on demand.

Through this new contract, ENGIE continues to work alongside government authorities to achieve the goal of making 100,000 charging stations available to the public by 2023.

* French association for the development of electric mobility solutions