ENGIE has launched a global solution making it easier for its customers to directly access renewable electricity

solar panel

The electricity generated by the Fanjeaux photovoltaic solar farm (south-western France) will be exclusively for local authorities and for ENGIE's tertiary and industrial clients who have committed to the zero-carbon transition. Work on building the solar farm will get under way in 2020, with an initial delivery slated for June 2021.


For its first Greenfield PPA in France, ENGIE has been helped by its subsidiary ENGIE Green – specialised in the production of renewable energies and solar power leader in France – and by the ENGIE Solutions brand – which specialises in optimising energy usage and resources for industrial and tertiary clients, as well as local authorities.


ENGIE Solutions will grant its customers exclusive access to the electricity produced by the Fanjeaux solar farm – i.e. 25 GWh per year. They will get direct access to electricity generated by renewable energy sources – electricity that will remain competitive in the long run within the framework of a global solution: Energy Performance Contract, municipal heating and/or refrigeration network, production and distribution of green hydrogen. They will also be helping to develop new renewable energy capacity in France. This PPA is evidence of ENGIE's willingness to support its clients as they make the zero-carbon transition, rolling out renewable energies so as to green resources and working with them to optimise the way in which they use this energy.


The 18 MWp solar farm in Fanjeaux developed by ENGIE Green is in Occitanie, a region which has set itself the aim of becoming Europe's first positive energy region. ENGIE is fully engaged in helping it to meet this aim and already has more than 200 MW of wind and solar power installations installed in the region.


As a project with high environmental and social value, the solar power farm will supplement the activities of the farm on which it will be built in the long term and will also enable it to convert to sheep farming, in compliance with commitments made by ENGIE Green alongside the Aude region's agricultural bodies. The Fanjeaux solar farm therefore serves as a bridge between the requirements of economic stakeholders for renewable electricity and the local desire of the farming community to diversify its interests, by accommodating long-lasting and complementary venture activities.