The Rennes Metropolitan Area has awarded the public service concession contract for the North Vilaine heating network to ENGIE Solutions. This 18-year contract will enable the construction of 36 km of network, to supply cleaner, greener energy to the whole of the Rennes area.

The project to extend and connect the Rennes Métropole’s North and East networks forms part of its Regional Climate Air Energy Plan, which aims to improve the region’s energy autonomy. To achieve this, En’RnoV, a new local ENGIE Solutions subsidiary, will carry out an ambitious network development program over the next 5 years. In total, the existing 30 km network will be extended by 36 km, in order to supply 68% more heat from local, renewable energy sources - mainly from waste (Waste to Energy Plant) and wood (biomass) - thus reducing CO2 emissions by 171,000 tons over the course of the contract.

Technology and digital tools are essential for developing, optimising and securing the heating network

As of 2020, the initial phase of the project will commence with the development of new production facilities and in particular the creation of a new boiler plant near the Regional Teaching Hospital (CHRU). In addition, operations will also be carried out to optimise heat distribution and secure the network.

To accompany the extension of the Rennes heating network and its transition to zero-carbon energy, the ENGIE Solutions team is developing new digital optimisation tools to drive the existing equipment and future facilities, in particular the 187 new sub-stations (heat delivery points), which will all communicate via smart technology as of 2021. In total, 54 million euros will be invested in developing the network, including over 11 million euros in anticipated subsidies from ADEME and 1.9 million euros expected from Energy Efficiency Certificates.

En’RnoV, a local company committed to virtuous energy that is accessible to all

As of January 1st, 2020, En’RnoV, the local heating network subsidiary, will honour its commitment to provide accessible energy to as many people as possible, by introducing a single tariff for all current and future customers of the North Vilaine network. An innovative system based on the Activ’Consumer principle will also be introduced: customers who have their own renewable energy production facilities will be entitled to a green energy buy-back price, which will allow them to inject the energy produced by their facilities into the heating network.

In parallel, as part of a program to fight energy poverty, a unique governance model, the first in France, will be implemented with local energy associations and the Rennes Métropole, to help around 11,000 households reduce their energy consumption.

The public service concession contract will also support regional development in the Rennes area, through 3,000 hours of social inclusion activities per year and several partnerships to engage with the younger generation by encouraging tutoring schemes.

The Rennes Métropole North Vilaine heating network in figures:

  • Contract duration: 18 years
  • +150 GWh, representing a total of 304 GWh;
  • +36 km of network, representing 66 km in total;
  • +187 sub-stations, representing a total of 408 sub-stations;
  • 35,000 equivalent housing units connected
  • Neighbourhoods connected: Beauregard, Villejean, Baud-Chardonnet, Gros Chêne, Bourg l’Evesque, Rives de l’Ille, Saint Martin, Maurepas-Gayeulles, Longchamps
  • Total investment: €54 million
  • 53,300 hours of inclusion activities
  • 68% renewable or reclaimed energy
  • 171,000 tons of CO2 saved over 18 years