ENGIE Solutions awarded a contract to deploy its Navineo CAD/AVL solution in Oregon


Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD), the public transportation provider in the Rogue Valley, in Medford, OR, has awarded ENGIE Solutions to deploy its Navineo Intelligent Transport Systems and Services offer. Under this contract, RVTD will equip its fleet of 45 buses with the Navineo CAD/AVL solution. This solution will be operational at the end of 2021.

The Navineo CAD/AVL on the 45 RVTD fixed route buses will provide real-time passenger information via the GTFS-RT[1] feed, on-board Automatic Vehicle announcements in English and Spanish, ADA-compliant on-board next stop sign, automatic passenger counting and bus engine diagnostics.

These services are intended to assist RVTD in the supervision of its entire fleet. The Navineo CAD/AVL allows for real-time assignment of drivers and vehicles, thus increasing the flexibility of operation. As a result, RVTD can supervise and manage its vehicles with greater precision and efficiency by anticipating traffic disruption and dynamically managing schedule. In addition, the solution collects and analyses data from automatic passenger counting, allowing RVTD to continuously improve its services. A true digital performance and optimisation tool, the Navineo CAD/AVL solution includes regular upgrades with new features.

The solution is also designed to improve the user experience. Open API[2] and GTFS-RT feeds will provide passengers with real-time update and service alerts, while on-board audio and visual announcements will be broadcasted, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which, since 1990, guarantees equal opportunities for people with disabilities in public spaces, including on public transport.

The Navineo CAD/AVL system is available as cloud-based and is fully configurable by transport operators, regardless of fleet size.


[1] GTFS-RT: General Transit Feed Specification – Real Time, standard for transmission of real-time passenger information data.

[2] publicly available application programming interface

We are proud to be able to support Rogue Valley Transportation District with Navineo. ENGIE Solutions innovates in favour of cleaner, more effective mobility for operators and users, to guarantee more efficient transportation system. By reinventing these living spaces, ENGIE Solutions is working to increase the attractiveness of public transport, the most environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Baudouin Huon , CEO Ineo Systrans USA Inc. part of ENGIE Solutions. , ENGIE Solutions

RVTD is excited about this opportunity to partner with ENGIE Solutions. The Navineo CAD/AVL system will enhance the customer experience through streamlined passenger information during service disruptions and enhanced bus arrival information. The highly accurate passenger counters and integration with fare collection systems will provide RVTD with greater business analytics. Operators and supporting transportation staff are eager to begin using the enhanced dispatching and onboard control units. At this time of pandemic, easing the pressure on public transit operations is of great importance. ENGIE Solutions’ solution is a welcome undertaking for all of us at RVTD.

Paige West , RVTD Planning & Strategic Programs Manager, RVTD