The Communauté de Communes Pays Haut Val d’Alzette and ENGIE Solutions sign the 1st smart city contract in a suburban territory

For 2 years, the Communauté de Communes Pays Haut Val d’Alzette (CCPHVA) has been implementing a smart territory project known as ECLOR. In keeping with this flagship project, Patrick Risser, President of the CCPHVA, and Marc Chebille, Executive Manager Northern & Eastern territory for ENGIE Solutions Villes & Collectivités, today signed a Global Performance Public Contract to upgrade to cutting-edge technology lighting that performs better and is more economical. ENGIE Solutions will therefore install connected lighting, the electrical foundation of a smart territory, which will be used to create the data for the ECLOR platform and also to supply power 24 hrs. a day to other equipment used by residents, such as connected objects, cameras and Wi-Fi terminals.


Upgrading and rethinking the management of public lighting

An innovative, cross-border territory that is the second gateway to Luxembourg with no fewer than 25,000 vehicles per day, the CCPHVA has entrusted ENGIE Solutions with a scalable performance contract covering the modernisation, renovation, utilisation, maintenance and management of public lighting facilities over a 12-year period.

From the first year, residents will therefore benefit from optimised public lighting thanks to the upgrade of 4,146 lights to LED technology, the increased availability of facilities via 4,670 connected lights, and greatly reduced light pollution. The ENGIE Solutions teams are also committed to enabling the community to make energy savings of more than 75%.

On top of this innovative technical offer, the ENGIE Solutions teams are also bringing a sustainable development approach to this project, rising to the challenges facing citizens and elected officials with strong support from local partnerships, and in particular from the Grand Est region’s start-ups, such as GreenTech Innovation, for their expertise in autonomous connected lighting, or Two-I, for their image analysis algorithms used in smart video protection solutions.

The final challenge is a social, inclusive one, to be met via, for example, the raising of school children's awareness of energy issues, the deployment of the Ôgénie digital platform, a tool that offers services to assist elderly people living at home, or else the creation at local level of a ‘Network Rigging Electrician’ training course for professional integration. The teams will also plant 2,100 trees with the aim of making the territory carbon-free.


Connected lighting, the cornerstone of the ECLOR project for a smart territory

In 2018, the CCPHVA created an innovation partnership to develop a smart city platform, the ECLOR project. This hypervisor aims to meet residents’ needs and also optimise the performance of public services. All of the facilities entirely upgraded and managed by ENGIE Solutions thanks to remote data transmission will form the electrical foundation of the smart territory.

In fact, this technological platform is based on the collection and processing by CCPHVA of anonymous public data by way of sensors located across the territory (waste management, monitoring of consumption and variable message signs, connected lighting, etc.), or by local participating players.

To continue the  transformation of the CCPHVA into a smart territory, the infrastructures installed by ENGIE Solutions will be connected to this hypervisor. New ‘bricks’ will later be added to this scalable and agile project, such as car park management, flow counting or else the adaptation of lighting to suit traffic density. 

“This new large-scale benchmark in the smart city confirms the relevance of our teams’ expertise in creating more connected, high performance cities,” says Yann Rolland, Managing Director of ENGIE Solutions Villes & Collectivités. “This innovative project meets the needs of the community, which sees all the challenges involved in improving the lives of residents through digital transformation on a limited budget. It shows the extent of the expertise ENGIE Solutions is placing at the service of a carbon-neutral world.”

“We are proud to sign off the concrete deployment of this smart city project on our territory, which obtained the ‘Territoire à Energie Positive pour la Croissance Verte’ label in 2015,” says Patrick Risser, President of the CCPHVA. “To implement this innovative project for the sustainable development of our territory, we chose to rely on a major partner with proven expertise in the smart city field. With its help, we aim to place cutting-edge technologies at the service of our citizens’ quality of life.”

Key figures:

  • 4,146 lights upgraded to LED technology in 10 months
  • 75% energy savings
  • 180 candelabra rebuilt
  • 100 electrical boxes brought up to standards
  • 118 electrical boxes upgraded and remotely managed
  • 4,671 lights remotely managed