Pandemic: ENGIE Solutions teams respond to the challenges faced by sensitive sites

A united effort

For several weeks now, ENGIE Solutions teams have been hard at work, in accordance with instructions from the government, to ensure continuity of service, especially for sensitive sites and clients like hospitals, nursing homes, public authority decision-making sites, power plants, heating and cooling networks, the food industry, etc.
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Reims: extra beds in record time 

The Courlancy polyclinic in Reims wanted to ready its wards to receive Covid-19 patients and relieve pressure on beds at Reims University Hospital (CHU). However, it did not have the air filter equipment needed to optimise air quality and comply with intensive care standards.

ENGIE Solutions and its supplier Afpro Filters equipped the polyclinic with air filters in just four days rather than the usual four weeks. Thanks to their efforts, from 19 March several extra beds were made available in the region in record time.

Henri Mondor Hospital / Créteil: speeding up delivery

The new building at the Henri Mondor Hospital in Créteil was due to be delivered in May, but this timeframe has been revised due to the health crisis. ENGIE Solutions teams, who are providing plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning expertise, have taken on the challenge of ensuring that the building’s 85 intensive care rooms and 21 operating theatres will be operational by mid-April at the latest.

Tenon / Paris: standing by medical teams 

At Tenon Hospital, in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, where our teams have been in charge of maintaining HVAC installations since 2008, we are supporting and assisting the hospital’s technical services during the current health crisis. 

In a hospital, clinic, or any other healthcare facility, it is vital to ensure good air renewal. Controlling airborne contamination inside technical facilities and ensuring comfort in accommodation areas are essential for the health of both patients and staff.

Working in close collaboration with Tenon hospital’s technical teams, our onsite technicians are therefore fully involved in managing the crisis and are invited to attend all briefings. During this mobilisation to meet the hospital’s new needs, rooms have been made available for the technicians, to avoid any transport problems and to ensure that they are ready to take action quickly.

“The rapidly changing situation has prompted the hospital to reorganise the use of its facilities so that it has the capacity to accommodate a new influx of patients. One whole floor is now dedicated to patients with the virus, the intensive care unit has been modified, and uninfected patients have been transferred to a recovery room that has been converted into an additional intensive care room,” explains Johan Warzee, site manager.

During this crisis, we have to manage unprecedented situations and meet immediate requirements. Our teams must always stay up to date, because everything changes very quickly, and new procedures are constantly introduced, which we must follow to the letter.

AP-HP Paris Hospitals: ensuring continuous energy

One of the main reasons why CPCU (the Parisian urban heating company) is safeguarding the continuity of energy supply services during this unprecedented situation is that the Paris Hospitals are connected to this network.

This represents 53 heat delivery points, including 100% of the AP-HP Hospitals in Paris, as well as 125 healthcare facilities (of which 15 are nursing homes). ENGIE Solutions teams are scrupulously monitoring and constantly supervising the whole network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. AP-HP Hospitals account for 5% of the total volume of heat delivered by CPCU.

Saint Roch Clinic / Cambrai: maintaining contact between patients and families

A retired ENGIE Solutions employee has been urgently remobilised to bolster the team of communication systems experts who are working on maintaining continuous contact between patients and their families.

The Saint Roch Clinic in Cambrai and its two secondary clinics in Marchiennes and Denain have been requisitioned for emergency admissions of Covid-19 patients. To this end, a floor comprising 10 rooms was transferred on Tuesday 17 March, to make way for 10 new beds for patients with the virus. 

To enable families to stay in touch with their loved ones in hospital, the Unified Communications System had to be urgently modified by reprogramming the new rooms and direct lines. This intervention by ENGIE solutions, which lasted all day on March 18th, enables families to maintain the only possible means of contact with their loved ones in hospital. 

La Réunion Hospitals: action overseas too

On La Réunion Island, ENGIE Solutions teams are hard at work:

  • North Teaching Hospital (CHU): increasing the number of beds available for intensive care by switching 11 rooms to negative air pressure in the critical care building.
  • West CHU: urgently moving a sterilisation unit to provide air conditioning for a patient area.
  • South Hospital Group: the whole team is remaining on site to deliver plumbing equipment. The delivery dates for the L building have been brought forward to deliver more rooms.

Hôtel Dieu University Hospital (CHU) in Nantes: emergency repairs to building heating system

Under the current challenging circumstances, operating teams from ERNEA, a wholly owned subsidiary of ENGIE Solutions, are ensuring continuity of service on the Centre Loire district heating system. The team works around the clock to maintain heating and domestic hot water (DHW) services, especially in “sensitive” institutions. These include four health facilities - CHU Hôtel Dieu, CHU Saint Jacques, Clinique Jules Verne, and Hôpital privé Confluent - and four residential care homes (EHPADs): La Cerisaie, Orpea–Île de Nantes, La Madeleine, and Ma Maison.

A standby team from ERENA was called out to a technical emergency at 5am on Tuesday 24 March, following an interruption in the heating and domestic hot water supply of the main boiler room of Hôtel Dieu university hospital in Nantes. Supported by the hospital’s technical teams, they managed to reconnect the heating and hot water supply by 5.30am. The responsiveness of the teams ensured there was no impact on continuity of service or patient comfort at the 827-bed hospital.

Optical connection works in emergency for a medical home in Luçon to prevent from the increase in the number of patients related to the Covid-19. 

Monday 30th of  March : Teams from the West agency of Ineo Infracom did the optical connection works in emergency of a medical home in Luçon in anticipation of the increase in the number of patients related to the Covid-19 and to the opening of Covid-19 centres in Vendée.

ENGIE Solutions’ customer Orange congratulated the staff : "We would like to thank and congratulate your teams for their ability to meet this express request from the city, which is successful to improve health safety in Luçon” Céline Bertrand, Project manager CREM Vendée Numérique. 

ENGIE Solutions

Food industry

Rungis market: keeping this market of national importance (MIN) open 

ENGIE Solutions teams are maintaining the 29 km heating network that supplies heat for the halls of the largest wholesale food market in Europe, thus ensuring continuity of service for SEMMARIS, the company managing the Rungis International Market. The MIN heating network, which is 99% powered by its own energy recovery plant, provides heat for several administrative buildings (Semmaris tower, offices, etc.) and for the warehouses in various sectors: fruit and vegetables, flowers, meat, etc. During the current health crisis, it is vital that this market continues to function normally, in order to provide fresh produce for 18 million consumers.

One of the tasks carried out by ENGIE Solutions teams is to ensure the distribution of domestic hot water to all the food halls. These halls, especially the meat hall, have to undergo stringent health and safety inspections, which have been reinforced with extremely strict criteria to fight the spread of Covid-19. Our teams contribute to this by maintaining heat in the hot water circuit that supplies the very high pressure water network used to clean the meat hall, which measures 11,500 square metres. 

Mass-market: controlling the cold chain

Controlling the cold chain is a prerequisite for maintaining industrial activities and ensuring food safety. ENGIE Solutions assists its clients in the food production, food distribution and logistics sectors with their cooling installations. Last week, our service technicians carried out over 3,500 emergency interventions to repair equipment for our clients. Every day, hundreds of interventions are carried out to keep their refrigeration installations for food processing, storage and distribution in perfect working order.

Mass-market retailing: ensuring access to alternative fuels

To assist all our clients in their daily work, especially mass-market retailers and freight transport companies, ENGIE Solutions teams are safeguarding and maintaining the following services throughout the country:

  • Operation of all 50 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) / BioCNG and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) stations; 
  • Logistical management of LNG to supply tanks;
  • Maintenance and operation of all infrastructure.

In this way, freight carriage clients can benefit from the expertise of ENGIE Solutions teams in fuel supply for Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV), so that carriers can deliver all the necessary food products throughout mainland France. Thanks to this mobilisation, our clients can maintain their low-carbon services and deliveries despite the extremely restrictive context.

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Orano - Tricastin and Malvesi: ensuring electricity supply

At the Orano Tricastin and Malvesi site, 300 ENGIE Solutions employees are working on various maintenance and works contracts. Their involvement and commitment, which provides support for on-site teams in their priority activities, is an essential source of manpower for the continuous operation of the facilities. This meets the very important challenge of maintaining electricity supply during this critical period.

Vélizy-Villacoublay - Vélidis’ heat network: completely operational

Located on the municipality of Vélizy-Villacoublay, Vélidis heat network remains completely operational during this period of progressive deconfinement. With a length of 19km, it feeds heat and sanitary warm water into about 12 000 housing equivalents. Teams from ENGIE Solutions through its subsidiary Vélidis are entirely rallied since the beginning of the crisis to ensure their public service mission.

Frédéric Hucheloup, Vice-Mayor in charge of works, urban design and living conditions of Vélizy-Villacoublay
"In this very troubled period that we live currently, I would just like with this message to thank your company and all its actors for having organized themselves in order to maintain essential services for the population in general and for citizens of Vélizy-Villacoublay in particular. Today, your work moves out of the shadows and into a limelight and we can all see the significance of your labour. Many thanks to you all!” 

ENGIE Solutions

Public service activities

« In this unprecedented context and which is touching all the stakeholders of the country, the city of Villepinte is keenly aware of the effort that’s being put in here every day to ensure a continuation of services for the population for the benefit of all. We are also aware that all of this requires an additional effort and involvement for your teams which can only be recognized and appreciated.
This is the reason why I’m joining my teams to thank you all for all your work since the beginning of this crisis and which is proving the strength of your involvement and your concern to make this period of crisis more bearable for all. Congratulations again to ENGIE Solutions and GEOPICTA’s teams for their mobilization and reactivity.

C’est la raison pour laquelle je me joins à mes équipes pour vous remercier de tout le travail effectué depuis le début de cette crise et qui prouve la force de votre engagement et votre préoccupation pour faire de cette période de crise un moment supportable pour tous. Bravo encore aux équipes d’ENGIE Solutions et GEOPICTA pour leur mobilisation et leur réactivité.

Malika Laidi Bouima , Executive Director of technical services, Villepinte

Massy: ensuring continuity of service for waste incineration

During a health crisis and especially during a lockdown, it is even more crucial to ensure the continuity of waste management services, to make sure that public areas remain clean.

To this end, and to meet the need to continuously provide this vital service, ENGIE Solutions has set up a system of revolving teams of technicians, to ensure the continuity of public service at the Massy incineration plant, which treats household waste for 255,000 people living in the Essonne and Hauts de Seine departments.

In total, this requires two incineration furnaces, not only to incinerate the waste, but also to recover heat to provide the equivalent of 26,000 homes in Massy and Antony with heating and domestic hot water.

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Maintaining the secure telephone system for RTE

By maintaining the secure telephone system for RTE (the French Electricity Transmission Network), ENGIE Solutions enables RTE dispatchers to pass on instructions to both energy producers and major energy consumers, and thus supervise the electricity network throughout France. This system enables RTE to manage the network in real time, regardless of telecommunication network constraints. The aim: for every call to get through. ENGIE Solutions manages 4,500 telephone stations throughout the country, as well as 16 interconnected dispatching stations.

Telephone network operators: meeting high demand

Telecoms networks are under particularly high pressure during this unprecedented situation. ENGIE Solutions teams are on the frontlines to carry out maintenance or to swiftly restore communications connections and equipment, giving priority to healthcare facilities and medical staff, as well as to rural areas and isolated elderly people.

Throughout the country, ENGIE Solutions technicians have refocused their activities on maintenance interventions to serve telephone network customers.

In particular, ENGIE Solutions employees are hard at work to meet the exceptionally high demand from hospitals and clinics for ins

ENGIE Solutions


ENGIE Solutions supplies biomass energy to the factory AVRIL of Grand Couronne, in Seine Maritime : the biggest french site for the oleaginous processing (colza, sunflower) which produces the glycerin needed for the manufacture of hydroalcoholic gel, crucial regarding the context of health crisis. 

A team of 17 ENGIE Solutions’ collaborators is rallying 24 hours a day to supply electricity and steam to the factory of the AVRIL group thank to the biomass cogeneration plant.

Nicolas Vitte, head of the establishment : « Regarding the extraordinary period we are going through, we have the great confidence that we can rely on skills and exceptional mobilization of teams from ENGIE Solutions. Their participation in the continuation of our activities is so essential, especially serving agribusiness and health products industry. »

Sojasun / Triballat: ensuring the continuity of food production

Given the exceptional situation confronting the nation, our techicians have sprung into action to ensure continuity of the production of essential foods for all those in France. This is certainly the case at Triballat’s Sojasun site in Noyal-sur-Vilaine in Brittany, where desserts and the like are produced. Our staff manage and maintain the biomass boiler there, ensuring that the agri-food company is able to continue its activities.