On Tuesday 29 October, Pierre MATHONIER, Mayor of Aurillac, and Michel MATHIEU, Chairman of Aurillac Chaleur Bois visited the boiler plant site that will supply the Aurillac municipal heating network. During this visit, the biomass boilers were delivered to the boiler plant, which will be operated by ENGIE Solutions, including the furnace and heat exchanger for the main boiler.  

The boiler plant will have a peak power capacity of 27 megawatts (MW), and will comprise two 9.4 MW fuelwood boilers. Wood will in fact be used for nearly 90% of the boiler plant’s annual production of 45,000 megawatt hours (MWh).

ENGIE Solutions will soon start operating this boiler plant, for a period of 24 years, through the dedicated company Aurillac Chaleur Bois (ACB).

Currently under construction, the 15 kilometre network will provide heating and domestic hot water for the equivalent of 3,500 housing units (social housing, municipal buildings, health establishments, schools and private residences).

Three potential extensions to the network are being considered, which may significantly increase the number of connected housing units.

For this project, the Aurillac municipality and ACB have decided to install equipment that is both environmentally friendly and of social interest.

This will enable network customers to benefit from lower-cost, lower-pollution energy.

Cost-effective heating, produced from local energy resources

The selection of a wood boiler plant (local, renewable resource) to produce energy will provide residents with stable, competitively-priced heating, since they will no longer be exposed to fluctuations in fossil fuel prices.

This energy choice will reduce CO emissions by 10,500 tons per year, which is the equivalent of the yearly emissions of around 5,000 vehicles on Aurillac’s roads, representing about half the town’s annual traffic. This choice reinforces the ENGIE Group’s strategy and commitment to support their customers in the zero-carbon energy transition.

Investment in the project totals €17,000, with significant financial support from ADEME, and construction work will be carried out by companies from the Aurillac area.