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Banques et assurances

Banks and insurance companies

To enhance property owned by Banks and Insurance companies, ENGIE Solutions provides bespoke solutions to improve comfort and energy efficiency, optimise costs and ensure compliance with CSR targets in buildings and across branch networks, anticipating the buildings of tomorrow and the ways in which they will be used in the future.

IMG Collectivités

Local authorities, public developers and energy syndicates

To support towns and regions that are keen to enhance their appeal, accelerate the digitisation of services and further residents' well-being, ENGIE Solutions is enhancing urban spaces and renovating neighbourhoods and building. 

Secteur securité

Defence and national security

For maintenance and operational efficiency, for the performance of Defence and National Security platforms and facilities, ENGIE Solutions has solutions for maintaining, renovating and developing infrastructure.


Energies (infrastructure)

To meet the safety and reliability requirements of nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric sites, ENGIE Solutions can help you at all types of site and with all equipment to ensure safety, carry out maintenance, manage costs and risks and undertake renovations or decommissioning operations.

IMG Publics

Government and national public establishments

To help Government and national public establishments lead by example in bringing about the energy transition, ENGIE Solutions rolls out solutions to reduce spending, improve the quality of services and optimise the energy efficiency of the country's national assets.

Immobilier tertiaire et habitat

Commercial property & housing

To improve the energy performance of buildings and the quality of services delivered, ENGIE Solutions undertakes to comply with regulations and to control costs and manage risks by using innovative tools and solutions for residents.


Transformation and process industries

To improve the economic and environmental performance of industrial sites and help them become more competitive, ENGIE Solutions designs bespoke solutions to optimise production processes, and to ensure the safety and compliance of facilities.

Loisirs et culture

Leisure and culture

To meet the needs of culture and leisure sites in terms of energy efficiency, comfort and safety, ENGIE Solutions modernises facilities, in order to ensure continuity of service and a welcome that is in keeping with the levels of service that users expect.

Retail et logistique

Retail and logistics

To enhance the appeal and the performance of the Retail and logistics sector while helping to deliver the best possible customer experience, ENGIE Solutions optimises energy services, provides continuity of service across the cold chain and helps reduce the carbon footprint of facilities and logistics warehouses.


Public health and private health

To help healthcare centres improve energy efficiency and the whole experience for patients and medical personnel, ENGIE Solutions undertakes to provide a reliable continuity of service, manage risks and guarantee maximum hygiene and safety levels.



To enhance appeal and deliver performance, comfort and energy efficiency in the Transport sector, ENGIE Solutions helps you meet passenger needs and transform transport infrastructure and systems, making them reliable and long-lasting.

Data center

Telecoms & data centres

To ensure the performance and safety of Telecoms & Data centres and meet the sector’s technological and operational requirements, ENGIE Solutions develops cutting-edge solutions to optimise equipment protection, energy efficiency and the security of data and sites.