Our multi-expertise entities grouped together under ENGIE Solutions

ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Ineo, Endel ENGIE and ENGIE France Réseaux, listed below, henceforth form part of ENGIE Solutions.

Ineo infracom

INEO Infracom

Telecoms infrastructure and digital facilities.

Very high-speed cable FTTH networks, municipal video surveillance, radio communications, dynamic road and rail transport equipment, remote reading, intercom systems and access control.


Ineo Defense

Defence and Security solutions

Specialists in information and communication systems and operational environments. Deployment of a wide range of integrated solutions: radomes, complex systems, ship integration and much more.


Ineo Atlantique

Electronic systems and solutions for smart and high-performance facilities for use in industry, the tertiary sector and networks.


Ineo Aquitaine

Low- and high-voltage industrial and tertiary electrical installations of up to 24 kV, installation of fire detection equipment and systems for protecting property and ensuring people's safety, intrusion-detection systems, video communications, telephony, logic controllers, industrial computing and lighting.



Electrification and railway signalling

Electrification of high-speed lines, overhauling catenary systems, overhead contact lines for city and inter-city transport networks, track signalling equipment, conventional or computer terminals, machine rooms, operator terminals, etc.).  


Ineo Digital

Support in selecting and implementing infrastructure and appropriate communications tools for your businesses designed to help you achieve your development aims more quickly. Our IT and security system ranges ensure the integrity of information shared among your teams, create new communications modes, protect them and ensure their reliability.



Specialists in electrical facilities for the territory sector, industry, transport and renewable energies

High- and low-voltage electrical facilities for the industrial and tertiary sectors, and associated maintenance  

Fire detection equipment and systems for protecting property and ensuring people's safety, intrusion-detection systems, video communications and telephony

Logic controllers, industrial computer systems

New energies (wind power, photovoltaic power) and associated maintenance

Design and construction of low-voltage electrical switchboards

Distribution boards of up to 6300 A

Dry and wet networks (public lighting, site lighting, pipe systems)


Ineo Nuclear

Specialists in electrical engineering for nuclear energy markets.

Studies, setups and trials: Electrical distribution, instrumentation, radiation protection, logic controllers, command-control systems, supervision, IT systems and networks, computing, perimeter protection.

Maintenance:  Maintenance engineering, multi-technical maintenance solutions and operational maintenance solutions.


Ineo UTS

Urban transport systems integrator

Implementation of reliable, high-performance and innovative transport solutions for safe and optimised operation: traction energy, traction control, operator stations, centralised technical management, communications networks, low-current systems (audio, video, etc.), rail signalling and security


Ineo Centre

Specialists in electrical infrastructure, construction of logistics warehouses, logic controllers and robotics

High-voltage, low-voltage, centralised technical maintenance, logic controllers, robotics, energy management


Ineo Rhône-Alpes Auvergne

Specialists in electrical engineering, facilities and maintenance
Solutions for connected towns and regions: advice, engineering, design, implementation, maintenance and financing


Ineo Systrans

Our Navineo solutions support constantly evolving forms of mobility.
Thanks to a detailed analysis of data produced and observations of people's behaviours, our teams are able to design, develop and implement increasingly modular, high-performance and reliable smart transport systems and services: facilitate journeys, provide drivers with backup and improve transport network operation.


Ineo Normandie

Specialists in electrical infrastructure, logic controllers and public lighting


Ineo Tertiaire IDF

Specialists in tertiary solutions for smart and high-performance buildings


Ineo Support Global

Single service operator which provides its clients with a global service model, supporting them from the beginning to the end of their projects.


Ineo Tinea

Specialists in information and automation system engineering


Ineo Hauts de France

Specialists in electrical infrastructure, logic controllers and lightning protection


Ineo ITE

Specialists in designing and implementing long-lasting and innovative electrical systems


Ineo Postes et Centrales

Specialists in high-voltage substations and power plants. Conventional 52 to 420 kV high-voltage substations, "compact" 52 to 145 kV high-voltage substations, industrialised buildings, command-control and auxiliary systems, lightning detection and protection

Ineo ISI



Electrical facilities (HV/LV & low voltages), logic controllers, instrumentation, command-control systems, robotisation, industrial maintenance and site protection, electromechanics
Environment: waste, thermal, water, drainage
Manufacturing industry: automotive engineering, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, aeronautics
Tertiary processes (building management systems, logistics, etc.)
Electrical maintenance (HV/LV & low voltage), multi-technical maintenance, power generators, remote site maintenance, technical alarm management
Public lighting, heritage showcasing, road signalling, video protection, site protection



Specialists in high-voltage networks and railway signalling

Ineo SCLE SFE designs equipment, products and IT and electronics systems for high-voltage electrical networks, energy storage and management systems and railway signalling. Our fields of expertise include electronic and equipment design, software engineering, communications networks, industrial automatic and IT systems.